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Specialty Services

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    Pulmonary Specialty Program

    • Air Vo – High Flow Oxygen
    • FIO2 – 40%, 8L O2
    • Trachs
    • BiPAP
    • CPAP
    • EZPAP
    • PEP Therapy
    • Percussion Vest
    • Nebulizer Treatments
    • Respiratory Therapy

    Wound Care Specialty Program

    • Advantage Surgical and Wound Care
    • Wound Care Surgeon
    • Debridement at bedside
    • Seven days a week Wound Care
    • Wound Care Certified Nurse
    • Wound Vacs
    • Diathermy w/Physical Therapy

    Sepsis Management/Infectious Disease Specialty Program

    Services include:

    • Pneumonia Management
    • Multidrug Resistant Infections
    • Complicated UTI
    • IV Antibiotics (Mid-Line and PICC Line)
    • C-Diff Intestinal Infection
    • HIV Care and Treatment

    Our commitments:

    • Initiating a Stewardship
    • Antibiotic Management Program
    • Monitor Antibiotic utilization
    • Advise hospital in terms of Isolation Policies
    • ID Team available for consultation

    Palliative Care

    The palliative care services at San Jacinto Manor offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary care program for patients with advanced illnesses. Our compassionate care enable our residents to live with quality and dignity, making it possible for you to leave your family and friends in our care, secure in the knowledge that their final days are comfortable.

    Respite Care

    Your loved one will:

    • Receive quality care when the primary caregiver is away.
    • Interact with others having similar experiences.
    • Spend time in a safe, supportive environment.
    • Participate in activities designed to match personal abilities and needs.

    Tips for planning Respite Care

    1. Involve your loved one. When planning for time off from your caregiving duties, make sure to keep your loved one in the loop. Get their input on deciding how much time you will be away and who will fill in for you when you’re gone. Make sure to tell them that they will benefit from you being more relaxed and refreshed. Assure them that they will also reap rewards from socializing with other people.
    2. Assess your needs. Make a list of what care will be needed in your absence. Also decide if the respite care provider will need any special skills or training to be able to stay with your parent. If so, understand that your options for respite caregivers may be more limited.
    3. Stay organized. Use a calendar to keep track of appointments and send requests to friends and family. Don’t forget to include time for yourself and note it on the calendar.

    You may believe that you should be able to “do it all.” Seeking help does not mean you don’t care. On the contrary, respite services benefit your loved one as well as you, by providing them with opportunities for socialization and a change of scenery.

    Social Services

    An important component of the therapeutic services offered at the San Jacinto Manor is the delivery of psychosocial services to residents and family members.

    The Social Services Department, which delivers these services, is comprised of professionally licensed social workers with experience in the field of gerontology and long-term care programs. The vast array of psychosocial services includes advocacy, service coordination, discharge planning and supportive intervention.

    The office is open Monday–Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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